Sex dolls are nowadays common among people of all ages and its use is undoubtedly on the rise. These dolls are meant for sexual stimulation and they aid in masturbation. Sex dolls come in different sizes, shape, and design all geared towards the diversified needs. If you are looking for a comfortable, life-size sex doll; we’ve got you covered.

For the female sex dolls; we have a variety of designs, each available at their competitive prices. They also come with semi-permanent make ups with stylish hairstyles for an exclusive sexual experience. The available sizes range from; the reduced sizes 3ft (100 cm) to the realistic sizes 5ft (165cm), hence you wouldn’t miss your fit.

All the sex dolls in our store are quite flexible with an articulated metal skeleton that allows for easier bending to any direction similar to that of the human positioning. Most of our sexual dolls have been crafted from a thermoplastic elastomer, TPE; this material is velvety soft making it feel so lifelike to touch & squeeze. Quality products and perfect pricing are some of the aspects we must prioritize to keep our good reputation and to fully satisfy the needs of our esteemed customers.

On the other side, the Platinum silicone types of sex dolls are way more durable compared to the TPE dolls. They are less porous, realistic and firmer to touch; however, they are a bit costly. There are different types of sex dolls; from the materials used, gender- male or Shemale to doll’s ethnicity- Caucasian or Oriental. You can choose either between the customized or the standard types, realistic or fantasy types of sex dolls.

Depending on your taste; appearance, size, and features you can always buy a sex doll to suit your various needs. Most people will buy the sex dolls for sexual pleasures while others purchase the parts for companionship, fulfilling fantasies or as models for photography.