Customized Sex Dolls Girl Sex Dolls with Heating and Sound Doll (160cm) – Yoka


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Sexual satisfaction promotes the entire body’s wellbeing, and sex dolls play an important role. Brands come with different varieties of dolls, to suit different individual requirements. The basic difference comes from the material used, with TPE and Silicone being the most common types. For satisfaction purposes, the dolls come in different orientations, such as organs or full body.


  • Height:160m
  • Bust/band:90cm/70cm, 77cm/65cm
  • Waist:63cm
  • Hip:88cm
  • Shoulder : 40cm
  • Arms :65cm
  • Legs :77cm
  • Feet :20cm
  • Weight: 33kg

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One of the main benefits of using real silicone sex doll is full exploitation. To begin with, buyers have a choice of customization the dolls to suit their sexual perception. This brings in the size and shape aspects, in addition to the extent of real-like feeling that the material offers. With the most preferred qualities, users can exploit their sexual potential to maximum levels. Given that the dolls are reusable, it is a worth investment for a reliable sex partner. Although the durability depends on the quality of material and the maintenance procedures, the buyers can always change the dolls with time, to satisfy any upcoming needs and wants. Finally, sex dolls are affordable making it a worth venture for all.



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