What Are These Dolls?

One can set to retire the use of hand to have masturbation. Achieving that intense sensation is possible through the use of sex dolls or blow up dolls as others call them or love dolls to some. There are accounts in which people achieve orgasm more frequently with the aid of these dolls than a real, live intercourse partner.

The cheaper types are the vinyl and latex ones that roughly resembles a human being. But some dolls, especially high-end ones, are life-like in size and details of the whole body from head to foot and the crucial sexual organs. Even the hair and skin of the dolls are copied to the closest possible way. There are also those that come in torso only or other crucial body parts used during sex. These sex dolls aim to be as be as close as possible copies of the natural body. There are instances that these dolls are molded from real people.

In fact, these dolls try to bring into reality the fantasies. Most of these types have flexible joints that one can bend and turn a little to manipulate them to poses or positions.

Differences Between TPE Sex Doll And Silicone Sex Doll

Price. TPE stands for the thermoplastic elastomer. These TPE sex dolls are the cheaper type than the silicone dolls but by a little difference.

Sanitation. The porous surface of the TPE dolls makes it more vulnerable to bacteria and fungi attack. On the other hand, silicone dolls have smoother surfaces that are easier to clean and sterilize.

Temperature. The silicone dolls have a more human “feel” as it can retain warmth, unlike TPE dolls.





Silicone sex doll is a good choice. By shedding a few more dollars for silicone, one can attain a more realistic but healthier experience.